Move beyond whiteboards with a visual collaboration tool that accelerates alignment and improves decision making.

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Mission Critical Conversations

As a leader of strategy meetings and workshops, you recognize the evolving complexities of the business world. Whether you're a consultant, an internal strategy leader, or someone deeply involved in strategic functions, the need to make quick, informed, and collaborative decisions is more critical than ever.

We Need Better Meetings Not Fewer

Hear Every Voice

Tap into the collective intelligence across your organization, without getting derailed by politics, personality, or bias.

accelerate alignment

Facilitate better, faster, and more informed decisions, and garner organizational buy-in.

eliminate Barriers to Participation

Seamlessly support conversations in any setting - be it remote, in-person, or hybrid.

Share Ideas and
Make Decisions Together


Mobile-friendly activities are easily configured for different business scenarios

Idea Flow

Participant inputs flow from one activity to another

30+ Activities and Templates

Pre-configured templates jump-start critical conversations

Rich Data Capture

Formatted takeaways and csv exports capture all your meeting inputs

Every Decision is an Opportunity for Growth, Alignment, and Transformation

Meahana is thoughtfully designed to address the dynamic spectrum of business needs, whether it’s anticipating the future, optimizing for the present, or responding to disruptions.

Stay ahead of the Curve

With templates that jump-start conversations around rapidly changing markets, M&A activities, digital transformation, and innovation and R&D

Explore Future State

Address today's needs

With templates that explore critical decisions for product launches, startup scaling, customer experience improvement, and competitive differentiation

Explore Current State

Respond to disruptions in real time

With templates that navigate the challenges of strategic shifts, crisis management, change management, and supply chain disruptions

Explore Disruptive State

An Activity for Every Need

With more than 20 unique activity types, Meahana delivers way more than sticky notes. We provide the building blocks for structuring conversations, meetings, and workshops to meet your specific needs.


Great ideas can come from anyone. Choose from an open brainstorm, brainstorm by category, branching brainstorm, and more.

ideate activities


Dive deeper into one or more ideas. Explore ideas by category, interpret key phrases, or transform ideas.

Explore activities


Move from broad to focused thinking. Choose from simple tools like Slider Rankings, or Dot Voting or use more nuanced activities, like Likert Rankings, Matrix rankings, or multi-criteria evaluation rubrics.

Evaluate activities


Need more? Check out additional activities like Scenario Simulations, Self Evaluations, and Action Planning.

More activities
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Meahana work for in person workshops?

Yes! leading a session does not change whether in person, virtual or hybrid. Once participants scan the QR code, they can engage with interactions the same as would be done online. Internet connectivity is required on site.

Can inputs from one activity be used in another?

Absolutely. Each activity supports the ability to start empty, pre-configure values, or "use previous", which allows you to bring in data from any previous activity.
For Example Brainstorm-->Dot Vote-->Action Plan)

Can I co-create with colleagues in building sessions?

We heard this request loudly from early customers and have added the ability to have multiple creators working on building a session at the same time.

How does the data from the sessions get saved?

A key component of any workshop is the great output generated by the audience. We have several digital takeaway options that can integrate into your everyday work tools, including some AI features to help summarize.

Do you have an API?

Coming soon, 3rd party developers can easily add new interactions.

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As part of our community, you'll be at the forefront of discovering new features, embracing compelling use cases, and engaging thought-provoking discussions on meeting theory and best practices.

With Meahana, "Think Together Better" isn't just a tagline - it's a promise.
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