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Say goodbye to wasted prep time, unproductive and uninspiring meetings.  Imagine a world where remote participants feel fully engaged, and where decision-making is streamlined and effective.

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Created by Consultants
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Nothing is more satisfying than ending a session with clear decisions and everyone feeling aligned and ready for action. 

But getting there consistently is hard, and today’s largely remote or hybrid environment makes it 10x harder.

We knew there was a better way, so we built the tool we’d always dreamed of when we were consultants.

Serious Tools for Serious Discussions

Break free from the chaos of digital whiteboards and the shallowness of polling tools with the only live collaboration tool that provides guided, focused activities and the structure needed to bring your methodologies to life.


Facilitate a strategic fireside chat.


Revealed key insights, enhancing strategic conversations.


Lead a customer conference with revenue cycle leaders


Moved seamlessly from big picture to actual decision making and The data captured during the session helped to sell 2 new projects within 1 month of the event


Establish vision and strategic priorities with a large group of scientists.


Engaged over 60 scientists, completing recommendations in just 8 hours—a process normally spanning 3-4 days.

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Consulting Arm of a Search Firm


Enhance digital capabilities to compete with established competitors


In collaboration with Meahana, we now deliver consistent, high-quality digital experiences at a reduced cost.

Technology Consulting Firm


Evaluate ERP vendors in a hybrid meeting.


Aligned 20 people across 40 criteria in 30 minutes, saving $10,000 in consultant time.

Consulting Firm


Streamline the product catalog to boost profitability.


Refined product offerings to focus on high-value, high-margin items, enhancing profitability.

Live meetings in any environment

Make remote feel right
next door.

“Hybrid is the new norm and it's not going away. Meahana allows us to embrace it and step assuredly into that norm. That's not really possible with any other tool.”

Provide structure for unstructured inputs

Find the signal in the noise.

Turn unstructured data into clarity in real time with activities that let you evaluate qualitative inputs with quantitative criteria.

Boost participation and productivity

Engage like a pro,
collaborate like a boss.

Make sure every voice is heard and every minute is productive with interactive, mobile-friendly activities.

Turn Insights into Actions

From brainstorm to brilliance.

Ever left a meeting thinking, ‘What did we actually decide?’ With Meahana, that’s a thing of the past. Turn your brainstorming sessions into actionable plans faster than you can say ‘next slide, please.’

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