About Us

Meet meahana!

Founding Team

Combining 80+ years of expertise in consulting and strategy

Chief Executive Officer
Adam Boggs
Chief Revenue Officer
Matt Archer
Chief Technology Officer
John Hathaway
Chief Customer Officer
Beth Chmielowski
Our vision

Collaboration where every voice makes a difference

Our Mission

Provide a human-centric approach to
guided decision-making, fostering creativity, innovation, and healthy debate

unlocking creativity

What does Meahana mean?

Meahana is actually two Hawaiian words 'mea' and 'hana'. The first word, 'mea' refers to an object, person or thing. The second word 'hana' means to work or to create.
A key aspect of our mission is to unlock creativity, which starts with providing facilitators with the proper tools/resources to start their creative journey.

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