How Meahana stacks up

digital whiteboard

Miro, Mural, FigJam, etc.

audience response

Mentimeter, PollEverywhere, etc


When to Use


For organizing ideas on sticky notes, flow charts, frameworks, or drawings.
For engaging audiences and collecting real-time feedback through polls, quizzes, and surveys during presentations
For mission-critical conversations where alignment and strategic decision-making are essential.

User Interface and Experience

Web Application

Mobile Friendly

Intuitive participant experience

Focus on one activity at a time

Run hybrid with ease

Automatically Move Inputs to a new activity

Easily move between ideation and evaluation

Data Management and Export

export as CSV

Export data as an Editable Doc

Visualization and Analysis Tools

Content and Data Visualization

Basic polling (wordcloud, sliders, multiple choice, quizzes, etc)

Multiple ways to visualize data

Advanced rating tools (Likert, 2x2, gap ranking, and more)

Spotlight individual ideas

Show/Hide names of contributors

Collaboration and Authoring Tools

Collaborative Authoring


Easily and effectively collaborate with small or very large groups

Digital Canvas

Idea Management and Evaluation

Explore ideas in depth

Group ideas into categories

Build multi-criteria rubrics for evaluating ideas

Drag and drop to combine ideas

Activities to Deconstruct and transform ideas

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