Think together better.

Move beyond whiteboards with a digital native platform for visual collaboration.

Use Cases

Elevate, Automate & Accelerate Workshops

Strategy and planning, design thinking, innovation, marketing…

Stop wasting time while participants struggle with complex tools or just tune out.

Enable creative workshop design that scales with consistency.

Enable faster workshop development and increase consultant productivity. 

Automate data synthesis, ensuring accuracy of insights and freeing consultants from manual, time-consuming tasks.

Create Real Change
Business Transformation

Business Transformation & Technology Adoption.

Deliver consistent and high quality sessions via easily-tailored business templates. 

Engage every person and hear every voice…with tools to inspire even the most reluctant participants.

Ensure alignment & buy-in to strategic direction.

Aggregate data, promote authentic discourse, identify and mitigate risks.

Do the Right Thing
Discovery Sessions

Pre-sales, professional services, implementation, customer success…

Ensure all consultants deliver consistent and high quality workshops following your methodology and best practices.

Connect the dots between business goals and priorities, client requirements, and constraints.

Go beyond superficial interactions to surface hidden objections and come to true alignment on decisions. 

Auto-generate client-specific takeaways with goals, decisions and actions.


What Our Customers Say

“We couldn’t have done it without Meahana–we wouldn’t have gotten through even half of the content. The technology was a big factor in making this work, but it was also invisible, working behind the scenes and letting us focus on the conversation.”

~Strategic Futurist 
"Easy to put together, easy to use, and loved being able to see the heat maps on how items were being ranked in real time. The real power was in the team alignment section: we could see where they were aligned, and only had to focus on areas where they weren't."
~Consulting Leader
"If you’re looking for a tool to support your group facilitation…I would definitely recommend Meahana. The main game changer is the ability to link results from one activity to the next one. The participants found it so easy to use and we were able to move the conversation forward in exactly the way I was hoping."

~Professional Facilitator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Meahana work for in person workshops?

Yes! The facilitation does not change whether in person or virtually. Once participants scan the QR code, they can engage with interactions the same as would be done online. Internet connectivity is required on site.

Does Meahana support breakout rooms?

Absolutely. Facilitators can select which modules and interactions will happen in the main session vs inside Meahana breakouts. This allows participants to have small team discussions and send their output to the main session room.

Can I co-create with colleagues in building sessions?

We heard this request loudly from early customers and have added the ability to have multiple creators working on building a session at the same time.

How does the data from the sessions get saved?

A key component of any workshop is the great output generated by the audience. We have several digital takeaway options that can integrate into your everyday work tools, including some AI features to help summarize.

Do you have an API?

Coming soon, 3rd party developers can easily add new interactions.

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