Future State

Navigate rapidly evolving markets with agility and foresight. Whether it's adapting to new industry trends, managing complex merger and acquisition activities, driving digital transformation, or spearheading innovation, Meahana equips you to stay ahead.

About Session Templates

Templates are pre-configured sessions designed by Meahana and its community of content partners.
Each is tailored to individual goals, teams and use cases and can be run as is or further customized to your needs. See page below for future state examples or click to view all sessions available.

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Innovation Workshop

Workshop focused on generating and prioritizing innovative ideas.

Generate fresh, viable ideas for products, services, or processes and an initial action plan for execution

Open Innovation workshop


The SCAMPER technique encourages you to think outside the box and explore new possibilities

Each letter of the acronym represents a different approach to thinking about something.

Explore seven different thinking approaches to find innovative ideas and solutions.

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SIPOC is an acronym that stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers.

Use a SIPOC diagram to map inputs and outputs of one or more processes.

This helps clarify and align all stakeholders around the process, and can inform opportunities for improvement.


Defining Product Strategy

A structured approach to determine the direction and vision for a product.

Useful for turning discussions into actionable strategies.

Open product strategy

Explore Additional Templates

Meahana is thoughtfully designed to address the dynamic spectrum of business needs, whether it’s anticipating the future, optimizing for the present, or responding to disruptions.

Stay ahead of the Curve

With templates that jump-start conversations around rapidly changing markets, M&A activities, digital transformation, and innovation and R&D

Explore Future State

Address today's needs

With templates that explore critical decisions for product launches, startup scaling, customer experience improvement, and competitive differentiation

Explore Current State

Respond to disruptions in real time

With templates that navigate the challenges of strategic shifts, crisis management, change management, and supply chain disruptions

Explore Disruptive State
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