Disruptive State

Master the art of resilience in the face of disruption. Strategic shifts, crisis management, change management, or supply chain disruptions — whatever the challenge, Meahana provides the clarity and alignment needed for decisive action in turbulent times.

About Session Templates

Templates are pre-configured sessions designed by Meahana and its community of content partners.
Each is tailored to individual goals, teams and use cases and can be run as is or further customized to your needs. See page below for Disruptive state examples or click to view all sessions available.

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Risk Storming

To identify and assesses potential project risks, then formulates strategies to mitigate or manage them effectively.

To identify, assess, and prioritize potential risks in a project or process.
To develop concrete action plans to mitigate identified risks.
To foster collaborative thinking and proactive problem solving

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MOO Method

Identify and align on the WHY of a transformational strategy by exploring the (M)arket, (O)ur Customers, and (O)urselves.

To allow for participants to explore and embrace the WHY behind an upcoming change initiative

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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a structured way to identify and address potential problems or failures and their resulting effects on the system or process before an adverse event occurs.

Identify and rank potential issues or failure modes of a process to determine items most urgent to mitigate or address.


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Meahana is thoughtfully designed to address the dynamic spectrum of business needs, whether it’s anticipating the future, optimizing for the present, or responding to disruptions.

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With templates that jump-start conversations around rapidly changing markets, M&A activities, digital transformation, and innovation and R&D

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With templates that explore critical decisions for product launches, startup scaling, customer experience improvement, and competitive differentiation

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With templates that navigate the challenges of strategic shifts, crisis management, change management, and supply chain disruptions

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