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Step into the world of critical assessment with our idea evaluation tools. From structured voting to detailed categorization, these activities are tailored to ensure your ideas are not just creative but also viable and impactful.

Perfect your ideas by putting them through a series of insightful evaluations and rankings. Ready to hone and refine your team's creativity? See which ideas shine!

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Likert Ranking - Single

Effortlessly rate ideas with Single Criterion

Rate ideas using a single Likert scale.

Ideal for gathering subjective feedback.

Open Likert - single

Likert Ranking - Multiple

Rate ideas across multiple criteria

Rate ideas across multiple criteria to capture nuanced opinions and preferences.

Ideal for gathering detailed subjective feedback.

Open likert-multiple

Dot Voting

Democratically prioritize ideas through Dot Voting

Prioritize ideas democratically by giving each participant a set of votes that they can distribute as they like.

Great for identifying the ideas or tasks a team considers the highest priority.

Open dot voting

Matrix Ranking

Gain multi-dimensional insights with Matrix Ranking

Evaluate ideas across two dimensions and display results on a matrix.

Useful for complex decision-making scenarios.

Open matrix ranking

Gap Ranking

Identify crucial gaps effectively with Gap Ranking

Evaluate items across two criteria to identify gaps.

Great for strategic planning and targeting improvements.

Open Gap ranking

Slider Ranking

Prioritize decisions with a simple Slider Ranking

Rate ideas on a sliding scale for a quick and intuitive evaluation.

Effective for assessing what matters most to the team.

Open Slider Ranking

Categorize Items

Strategically categorize ideas

Group ideas into categories for clearer understanding and analysis.

Ideal for structuring and clarifying diverse ideas.

Open categorize items

Evaluation Rubric

Detailed idea analysis through evaluation rubric

Define a detailed framework for in-depth analysis.

Great for complex idea evaluation across multiple criteria.

Open evaluation rubric

Evaluate Activities

Elevate your idea evaluation process with our specialized tools. Refine, rank, and ready your ideas for real-world impact. Embark on a journey of thoughtful assessment and discover the potential of your creative endeavors.

An Activity for Every Need

With more than 30 unique activity types, Meahana delivers way more than sticky notes. We provide the building blocks for structuring conversations, meetings, and workshops to meet your specific needs.


Great ideas can come from anyone. Choose from an open brainstorm, brainstorm by category, branching brainstorm, and more.

ideate activities


Dive deeper into one or more ideas. Explore ideas by category, interpret key phrases, or transform ideas.

Explore activities


Move from broad to focused thinking. Choose from simple tools like Slider Rankings, or Dot Voting or use more nuanced activities, like Likert Rankings, Matrix rankings, or multi-criteria evaluation rubrics.

Evaluate activities


Need more? Check out additional activities like Polls, Word Clouds, Self Evaluations, and Action Planning.

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