Ideation Activities

Welcome to a world where ideas bloom and creativity flourishes!

Our ideation activities are designed to unlock your team's potential and foster innovative thinking. From classic brainstorming to specialized techniques, each activity is crafted to suit different needs and inspire innovation.

Ready to transform your brainstorming sessions into a powerhouse of inventive ideas? Let's get started!

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Controlled Idea Flow

Idea Consoldation

Highlighting Key Ideas


Invite input from everyone with an open brainstorm

Immediate and open idea generation without judgment, perfect for strategic planning and team building.

Ideal for kickstarting creativity in any session!

Open Brainstorm

Brainstorm by Category

Structure ideation around key areas with our Brainstorm by Category tool

Focus your creative energy on specific aspects of a topic to generate targeted ideas.

Great when addressing multifaceted projects or topics.

Open Brainstorm by Category

Branching Brainstorm

Let one idea lead to another with Branching Brainstorm

Visualize and expand on ideas, branching out from a central concept.

Useful for developing comprehensive understanding of complex ideas.

Open branching Brainstorm

Image Map Brainstorm

Plot ideas on an image to explore different aspects of a scenario

Combine visual cues with brainstorming to unlock new perspectives and ideas.

Ideal for teams that are visually oriented or when working on design-centric projects.

Open image map brainstorm

Ideation Activities

Our diverse range of ideation activities equip your team to explore, create, and innovate. Tap into the creativity and collective expertise across your organization and generate actionable ideas for your
business challenges.

An Activity for Every Need

With more than 30 unique activity types, Meahana delivers way more than sticky notes. We provide the building blocks for structuring conversations, meetings, and workshops to meet your specific needs.


Great ideas can come from anyone. Choose from an open brainstorm, brainstorm by category, branching brainstorm, and more.

ideate activities


Dive deeper into one or more ideas. Explore ideas by category, interpret key phrases, or transform ideas.

Explore activities


Move from broad to focused thinking. Choose from simple tools like Slider Rankings, or Dot Voting or use more nuanced activities, like Likert Rankings, Matrix rankings, or multi-criteria evaluation rubrics.

Evaluate activities


Need more? Check out additional activities like Polls, Word Clouds, Self Evaluations, and Action Planning.

More activities
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