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Discover the full range of our interactive activities designed to enrich your workshops and meetings. From engaging quizzes and polls to action planning, our tools are tailored to add depth and variety to your sessions. Ready to explore more ways to engage and inspire? Let's dive in!

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Controlled Idea Flow
Idea Consolidation
Highlighting Key Ideas

Category Quiz

Test knowledge and assumptions with engaging Category Quizzes

Engage participants with interactive quizzes across various categories.

Perfect for educational sessions or gauging preconceived ideas.

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Capture real-time feedback effortlessly with Polls

Gather instant feedback or opinions with versatile polling options.

Great for quick decision-making or opinion gathering.
Single and Multi-Select options available

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Word Cloud

Visualize group thoughts dynamically with Word Cloud

Prioritize ideas democratically by giving each participant a set of votes that they can distribute as they like.

Great for identifying the ideas or tasks a team considers the highest priority.

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Action Plan

Move from insight to action with Action Plans

Outline clear steps, responsibilities, and timelines for your ideas.

Useful for turning discussions into actionable strategies.

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Self Evaluation

Foster personal growth with reflective Self Evaluation

Reflect and assess personal skills, progress, and goals with a structured self-evaluation.

Great for personal development and setting growth objectives.

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More Activities

There's always more to explore with our activity suite. Each tool is a gateway to new insights, deeper alignment, and more effective collaboration. Ready to take your sessions to the next level?

An Activity for Every Need

With more than 30 unique activity types, Meahana delivers way more than sticky notes. We provide the building blocks for structuring conversations, meetings, and workshops to meet your specific needs.


Great ideas can come from anyone. Choose from an open brainstorm, brainstorm by category, branching brainstorm, and more.

ideate activities


Dive deeper into one or more ideas. Explore ideas by category, interpret key phrases, or transform ideas.

Explore activities


Move from broad to focused thinking. Choose from simple tools like Slider Rankings, or Dot Voting or use more nuanced activities, like Likert Rankings, Matrix rankings, or multi-criteria evaluation rubrics.

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Need more? Check out additional activities like Polls, Word Clouds, Self Evaluations, and Action Planning.

More activities
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